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Mikon Badge Stickers Deliver Interactive Networking and Brand Awareness!
Conferences around the world are using Mikon Badge Stickers as interactive icebreakers.
  • People attend conferences for two reasons, to learn something new and network with other individuals of similar interests and complimentary skills.
  • Exhibitors want brand recognition and to engage attendees in a fresh innovative way.

Connect People to People
What is a Mikon?
  • A Mikon is a symbol about you - my icons. They represent your interests, your skills, an organization you belong to, or an idea.
  • Mikons.com is a website that is a hub of user-generated symbols that let's you connect with other people through these visual identifiers.

Mikon Sticker Sheet in Schwag Bag
Exhibitors Promote Themselves with Mikons
  • Conferences can use our interactive games with Mikon stickers. For example, sponsoring exhibitors get a sheet of their own logos or mikons and attendees collect the logo stickers to play bingo or puzzle type games for prizes.

Connect Exhibitors with Attendees
Attendees Network with Mikons
  • Attendees put the Mikon stickers on their badge that represent them. As they network they look for other attendees who share the same Mikon set.
  • Attendees easily identify people with a specific skill set. For example, a marketing person might be looking for a web-developer.

Mikon Stickers on a SXSW Badge
Conference Hosts Also Benefit!
  • Conference organizers can generate revenue from Mikon Badge Stickers by selling sponsorships for the sticker sheet. Mikons.com shares the revenue.

Generate Revenue

Customize Mikons.

Conferences can use Mikons from the Mikons.com database of symbols or your can have your attendees make their own like Web Directions South 2007 www.webdirections.org/mikons. Or we can design some for you to meet the special characteristics of your attendees and exhibitors.


Conference Exhibitors can Sponsor the Mikons Badge Sticker set. We will split the sponsorship revenue with Conference Organizers. Exhibitors will gain brand awareness and they get extra badge stickers so they can personally hand out Mikons Sticker sets to attendees too.

Game Sponsorships:

Exhibitors can sponsor games and puzzles for prizes and drawings. Groups of vendors can participate and sponsor too. For example, each attendee is given a blank sheet with 16 square filled with Exhibitors' logos and names. Attendees go to each booth and get a sticker with a Mikon symbol on it. A completed sheet is a series of symbols when combined reveals a hidden meaning like the old TV game show call Concentration. The Attendee writes down the phrase along with their contact info and then they enter a prize give away. The possibilities are limited only by our imagination.

Residual Revenue:

Attendees purchase products from Mikons.com with their Mikon Badge Stickers on them. If they purchase your Conference's mikon designs, then you get a portion of that revenue.


Cost per sticker sheet ranges from $0.80 to $1.90 per sticker sheet depending on the number of Mikon Badge Stickers per sheet. We will rebate the Conference 10% of cost. Most Conferences have the Sponsors pay for the sticker sheet or split the cost with them.

Here is a listing of the Conference where Mikon Badge Stickers have appeared:

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